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Foundation Study in Engineering

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Asasi Kejuruteraan
programme is a full time preparatory predegree programme designed for students to pursue their study in any Engineering degree programmes offered by UiTM or other public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA).   The duration of the this programme is spread over 2 semesters for a total of 50 credit hours to ensure students possess the necessary knowledge, values, skills and competencies to undertake the respective Engineering degree programmes.

Semester 1 Credit hrs Semester 2 Credit hrs
Foundation Chemistry I
5 CHM096,
Foundation Chemistry II
MAT 093,
Foundation Mathematics I
5 MAT099,
Foundation Mathematics For Engineers
Foundation Physics I
5 PHY098,
Foundation Physics II
Foundation Computing I
5 CSC099,
Foundation Computing II
Intermediate English
3 BEL311,
English For Academic Purposes
Tasawwur Islam/Agama Dan Manusia
2 CTU087/IDA087,
Islam Dan Sains/Agama, Sains Dan Teknologi

On completion of this programme, the students must score a minimum grade of 2.75 CGPA as a requirement to enter into any one of the Engineering Degree programmes in UiTM.

The Engineering degree programmes available in UiTM are Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Chemical
Students can also apply for selected programmes in the Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Science and also Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying.

Students who do not achieve the minimum grade shall be channelled to take up any Diploma programme of their own interest. 

Entry Requirement

Candidates who wish to enter this programme must fulfill university requirement and possess the minimum qualifications as follows:

  • An excellent result in SPM or its equivalent achieving at least two distinction A- grades and two credit B grades for the following 4 subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
  • Candidates must score at least a credit B grade in English AND a credit C grade in Bahasa Malaysia.

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